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  1. And I meant in the USA. What carrier is good to get to use in USA? The issue is that I am uncertain if I should buy a phone from here, or from USA. I want a nice android smartphone, along the likes of the latest Samsung Galaxy S, or the HTC. The Galaxy S 6 is close to 800 dollars here. THe shopkeeper said it'll drop though. So I could get it then? The other option is to buy a phone from the US. It will be cheaper. In fact, there are web only offers right now that are giving phones for freeeee! The deal with that is that I'll have to get it on contract for 2 years. And the individual 2 year contracts are more expensive than the family ones which are more expensive than the monthly ones. Another thing is that when I come back, do those contract phones work outside the US? How do the Monthly contracts work? They sound the cheapest, and I'll be going home for Dec etc so then I wont even have to pay for those months then (assuming this is the case for annual contracts). Now what I want is a T mobil connection, and atleast 2 gb of internet. And if possible, free international sms. Option 1. The monthly plans http://prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/monthly-4g-plans 1. a) The fifty dollars a month plan sounds good, but I'm not sure how much internet they will give. Does Unlimited mean Unlimited? Like for free? This plan will cost me 60 dollars a month, including international. 1. The seventy dollars a month plan. This will cost eighty dollars a month including international. There wont be some benefits in this I think like T mobil hotspot usage etc, but I dont know how useful they are anyway. And the free nights, weekends, roaming charges etc ka bhi Im not sure. Option 2. The individual plans http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/plans/Cell-Phone-Plans.aspx?catgroup=Individual 2. a) 80 dollars a month. Unlimited talk+text+ 2 gb data. I dont think there is any international text allowance here 2. 70 dollars a month. 500 minutes+ text+ 2 gb data. Option 3. The family plans. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/plans/cell-phone-plans.aspx?catgroup=family I need to find a family But these plans are cheaper than the individual ones. A friend has a family plan with unlimited calls, texts, international messages and net and she pays only 80 dollars a month. I didnt analyse these individually. I can buy a phone from the US with Options 2 and 3 I think. Please advise
  2. In your experience, which mobile carrier is good to get?
  3. Friends, this a great place to get to know each other in advance, and for those who want to prep for a Fulbright next year. I wanted to know which universities you all applied to, and for which degrees. Once the submissions come in, I would love to hear who got in their preferred unis. Thxxx!
  4. Maybe last year the funding for Fulbright got increased and so they were able to enroll more people in January? From what I know, they will inform them in March or April. If a principal candidate doesn't get in, then the alternate goes. But maybe others can inform better.
  5. This question is for currently enrolled or alumni of the Fulbright program. When do you think a person should opt for a fulbright? What are its merits vs applying on your own? Do you regret that you have to come back after two years? Thanks.
  6. 1. Is there a fulbright scholarship for four years of undergrad in USA? All the people I know seem to go for Masters or PhD. 2. Can I get a fulbright if I want to transfer from England to USA in undergrad?
  7. For the Fulbright program to USA from Pakistan, are only Pakistani residents eligible? Are those students eligible who have received their undergraduate degrees from a foreign country e.g. England?
  8. I am currently finishing my undergraduate from England. I want to go to USA for my Masters or PhD. However, I don't know if not having done American High School and subsequently a degree from England will hinder my acceptance into a good US university? Can someone help?
  9. Hi Confused. I am currently in my last semester of undergraduate from England. My question, further to yours, would be what are the conditions under which I should pursue a phD? When is a Masters sufficient and when is a phD sufficient, especially for climate change, environment and urban planning. Also can someone tell me the merits and demerits of studying from USA or UK? What's better?
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