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  1. The above posts have pretty much covered everything about the interview process. The importance of reviewing your essays and résumé cannot be emphasized enough. Almost 90% of the conversation in the interview will revolve around this and how the road you've taken thus far ties in with your plans for the future. One last thing, during the last few minutes of the interview, the interviewers like to talk about generic stuff which can range from anything such as the places you'd want to visit to the recent books that you've read. This might be the easiest part of the interview, but they're still looking for coherent answers - just don't be caught off guard! If anyone has any more questions, or wants more specifics - fire away!
  2. Hey, With the Fulbright, you can send it in even after the final deadline as long as you submit proof of registration when you're applying. If you're applying directly to universities, however, then the deadline is a strict one.
  3. @confused Yes, I'd second Ahsan on that. My CV when I applied for the Fulbright showed two corporates - an FMCG and a telco... and I still managed to secure a Fulbright for Public Policy. Your narrative has to succinctly link your previous education, current experience, and future academic and career ambitions. If you're able to successfully do that, there's no reason why you wouldn't be selected!
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    Hello everyone! I'm Saarim. I did my undergrad in Economics from LUMS, worked in Marketing for a couple of years and am now pursuing my Masters in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University on a Fulbright scholarship. Hit me up with any questions that you have with applying to the US in general, or to the Fulbright in particular! Ciao!
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