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Internet: Self vs Professional Installation

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A sort of sneaky tactic used by most ISPs is that they provide you the option to have them install the internet service for you. As an unsuspecting student who has just moved into the apartment you might be unsure about what do choose here and most students would have the service provider representative come over and do the install for you. However, this would typically run you an added $100 in site visit on top of your monthly payment.

The ISP if asked would always advise to have the service installed professionally since they claim that they do not know if the apartment / building is pre wired for internet. However, almost all housing around the university has been utilized by students in the past and there is hardly anyone who goes without internet so it is highly likely that your apartment is prewired. You can also physically check to see that there are wall outlets already available to hook up your modem.

The install basically includes the service rep coming over and plugging the wire from the wall outlet into the modem. It is an unnecessary cost that can easily save you a $100 or more

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