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Help Needed With Apartments In Washington Dc

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Hello. Congrats on moving to DC!


It all comes down to what kind of place you want to live in, what kind of commute you are ok with and how much you are willing to part with in rent. 


If you want to live within walking distance of the university, you would have to cough up close to 2k in that neighborhood. The area would be downtown DC, with lots of great places to eat and access to everything you need. If you are willing to have roommates, that price can drop significantly. 


If you are okay with a small commute inside the city, there a bunch of gentrifying neighborhoods with great apartments and affordable rent (1500-1800). There is Colombia heights, Adams Morgon which is definitely on the right side of gentrification, and people describe it as good streets and not so good streets.. From these places, you would be able to take the train in less than 20 mins. 


The third option is outside of DC. The commute is between 45 to an hour into the city, but you can find really nice cheap apartments with lots of room in great neighborhoods (1500ish). Granted it starts feeling a little suburbunish, but some of us don't mind that much. Your choices are between the more happening Virginia neighborhoods like Rosslyn and Arlington areas and the more settled and peaceful neighborhoods like Bethesda.


But here is the catch. It will be hard to decide on a place while not in DC, and even harder to get the lease process done. What I recommend to people moving from other cities is to get a short term sub leave from someone for a couple of months somewhere convenient. Lots of people move in and out so you should be able to find something in downtown on Craigslist for a relatively good price. If you can get a furnished place, you can live there and scope out the city for yourself. That way you can make sure you will be happy with your apartment when you finally move in. 


Hope this is helpful.


Please also look at the following links for further guidance:

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