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Found 1 result

  1. raveling can always be cumbersome as a student when you do not have access to a car. Simply put, getting weekly or monthly groceries can be a pain if you have to carry them a couple of blocks to your apartment. Here a few tips / services that might help you save time and effort: Uber: While the first and foremost thought would be a conventional taxi, I have found Uber to be very timely and reliable for getting to your destination quickly. It can save you a lot of trouble getting to a scheduled interview, meeting or movie. Since Uber does not charge you additional for people, you can take an Uber with friends and split the costs. I wouldn't recommend solely relying on Uber because firstly it gets linked to your Paypal account and you don't realize how much you have spent on it unless you see your end of the month bank statement. Use it occasionally for pressing matters instead of taking a ride to school when you are getting late. You do however need to keep in mind that at certain times when demand is very high, such as rush hours or during events in your area, Uber jacks up their rates and it can cost you 2x to 3x over their normal rates. Basically before ordering a ride Uber will prompt you to accept a higher rate. Lyft: If that is the case and you really need a ride, I would recommend trying out Lyft. Lyft is a similar service and provides for a good alternate when Uber is not working. They are supplementary services so you can use whichever you like. That said, I would recommend signing up for both since you get free rides on account creation and more as you refer friends. Local Cab: Lastly, you can try the cab service in your area for a ride. The reason I have put them last is because in Pittsburgh at least the service is really unreliable and they might end up not showing at all which trust me is very agonizing. Super Shuttle (Airport Only): If you need to go to the airport you can either take the local bus or metro, but if you are short on time or have luggage that is not easily maneuverable (for example 2 big suitcases) you should definitely consider Super Shuttle. Super Shuttle is a service designed specifically to transport passenger to and from the airport and they are very professional and reliable. You put in your flight type (Local/International) and corresponding time and get a list of convenient pickup times based on the input. Plus if there is more than one person to pickup at one address, they charge a lower rate for the additional passengers.
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