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Scholarships-Usa (Constantly Updated)

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Based on member input, here is a list of universities that are known to offer scholarships for their degree programs.

Amounts can vary depending on applicant's credentials, but it should provide some basic idea about scholarships offered at various schools.


Degree: Masters in Public Policy Management (MSPPM)

University: Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University

Duration: 2 Years

Scholarship Amount: $16,000-$40,000. Usually ($16,000, $24,000, $32,000 or $40,000)



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In most state schools, if you get a graduate Teaching Assistant ship, tuition becomes free. In some cases, you even get a stipend! (e.g. Duquesne University, University of Maryland, Texas A&M). There are also women specific scholarships available. Two of my friends in NYU and University of Texas at Austin were recipients of these awards.


There are even scholarships/fellowships available to fund internships. Some that I applied for include the Eben Tisdale Fellowship, Tom Gorman Fellowship and the Friedman Fellowship.

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For: SMU Cox School of Business
Eligibility: International Students
Program: MBA
Amount: 10-10% of tuition and fees
Deadline: December 15, 2014 (international applicants) and January 12, 2015 (domestic applicants)
Link: http://www.cox.smu.edu/web/full-time-mba/cox-scholars

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