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A-Levels Or Ib Or American High School?

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I am currently finishing my undergraduate from England. I want to go to USA for my Masters or PhD. However, I don't know if not having done American High School and subsequently a degree from England will hinder my acceptance into a good US university? Can someone help?

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Sara, I got a Master's degree from the USA and I did my O-levels and A-levels from Cambridge. I know of many others who got into great schools in America and their higher secondary was either O-levels, or even Pakistan's local assessment system- matriculation and FSc.


So my advice would be: it doesn't really matter what system your post secondary qualification was in. As long as you keep the grades up and have healthy extra curriculars, US universities must have a way of comparing across different systems.


Also, you are in your undergraduate. That should matter more than post secondary anyway :)

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