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Found 1 result

  1. Buses are going to be your number one source for travel within the US as they are usually the most budget friendly way to unleash the explorer within you. There are quite a few renowned companies that are widely used and have a large service area but I think two of the most widely used ones are GreyHound and MegaBus. Personally, I prefer MegaBus since I like their double-decker buses better and the overall experience but GreyHound at times can be better. Plus GreyHound has a larger service area and if you thinking about going far like 9+ hours, they might be the only option. It is also perhaps the most convenient way if you are traveling with luggage as you can bring a carry-on bag for free plus a check-in bag weighing 22.6kgs / 50lbs and should not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height). MegaBus would not not let you carry more than one checked-in bag whereas Greyhound allows you to take another bag by paying extra. This is very handy if you are taking a bus to catch an international flight later and have two big bags. Generally, prices for MegaBus fluctuate a lot more depending on time. If you book early a ticket can just cost you $1 during regular days and start going North of $50 as seats start getting reserved. GreyHound is usually has a pretty much fixed ticket price unless you use student discounts or coupons. Again, traveling during vacations or official holidays is expensive as all transport companies are poised to take advantage of demand. Some other bus services to consider if neither of the aforementioned services work for you: Bolt Bus Peter Pan Lux Bus Vamoose RedCoach Tripper Bus Coach USA Goto Bus
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